Welcome to Rector!

Welcome to the Rector, Arkansas official community website. We invite you to take a look around and see what our community has to offer.

We are very proud of our little town. Surrounded by some of the best farmland in Arkansas, it’s a safe, comfortable community where people know and look out for one another, and family and friends are important. In true small town form we celebrate our victories together and offer support during more challenging times. Volunteerism is our life blood.

We take great pride in our modern and progressive school system and of our businesses, our local medical and dental facilities and our well-equipped fire and police departments. We are home to a certified nursing and care facility. We have numerous churches, affordable homes and a beautiful parks system. Our most treasured assets however are our people and the friendly atmosphere they create.

The rich history of Rector and the surrounding communities has shaped our traditions and values and at the same time keeps us focused on the future. Like many small towns in rural areas, we face a number of challenges and we strive to maintain the balance between progress and tradition without losing the essence of our community spirit. We constantly look for opportunities to create a more dynamic environment; a new business downtown or a creative enterprise or a new skateboard park, Our city government works with citizens and with the Community Development Office to find ways to improve life in Rector.

Rector is home to the best Labor Day Picnic in the country. Organized entirely by volunteers it draws back former residents and their families for an entire weekend of festivities and reunions and all proceeds support the Woodland Heights Cemetery.

So browse through our website. You will see our beautiful parks, our Veterans Memorial Park, our governing body, a list of clubs and civic organizations that keep our town moving. If you are a Rector resident we invite you to join them in working for a better Rector. We’re pretty proud of our little town. It’s a great place to live and a wonderful place to come home to.

Teresa Roofe, Mayor

The Rector Community Museum

The Rector Community Museum is now in their new building at 310 Main St. Go to: www.rectormuseum.com to get a look around.  Check out their FaceBook page for current activities and announcements. https://www.facebook.com/rectormuseum If you would like help support this look at history, you can mail your donations to:  Rector Community Museum, P.O. Box 313, ​Rector, AR 72461.