Rector Community Center

Rector residents are extremely proud of the city’s beautiful community center, located among the trees in Memorial Park on Highway 49.

The facility, which opened in 1992, features a large multi-purpose room with stage, concert lighting, sound system and dressing rooms. It also offers a dining room with commercial kitchen, a meeting room and office area.

Prior to the opening of the new center, the community had no central location for hosting the many community events that are now frequent occurrences. Concerts, dinners, plays and reunions have become common and recurring events at the center. It is the home of the following annual events: “The Night of Chocolate” presented by the Clay County Arts Council, “The Ultimate Oldies” concert, the Chamber of Commerce Banquet, the Community Christmas Reception, the Community Chili Cook-off and the semi-annual Arts & Crafts Fair.

The Community Center has also become the site for a number of community services. It becomes the City’s polling location on election days and hosts periodic blood drives. When the State was going to close the local Revenue Office, space was allotted in the Community Center and the Revenue office remains there today. It is a meeting place for several local organizations.

During the severe ice storm of 2009 the facility became a staging area and provided temporary shelter for residents without heat. Volunteers served more than a thousand free meals a day while the city was without power.

The building was constructed through years of donations and fund raisers by community residents, a state grant and the special contribution of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crockett. Donations of $1,000 or more are recognized in the center lobby, but all gifts were greatly appreciated in making the facility a reality. Donations still are needed for the maintenance and operation of the facility and persons wishing to contribute may contact the center at (870) 595-2188 or Rector City Hall at (870) 595-3035.

When the State was going to close the local Revenue Office, space was allotted in the Community Center and the Revenue office remains there today.

Linda Robinson is the current director of the community center. She replaced Nelda Chadwick who served for many years as director and was instrumental in the success of the facility. Linda is assisted by Debbie Robinson, Jane Huffman and Alma Webb. The Community Center’s office is open from 8 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and at other times for civic events or rented use. The public is encouraged to use the facility. For information, please contact the community center staff.

The Rector Community Center is operated by the city under the supervision of a volunteer committee. Members are: Linda Robinson, Eva Mae Clardy, Jessie Malin, Robert Plante, Jane and Clarence Huffman, Charles Faught, Martha Thompson, Kim Romine, Susie McCarroll, Jane and Marvin Gatewood, Sarah Pruett Miner and Christa Hedrick.

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If you would like to be on a mail or email list to receive notification of upcoming events at the community center send your name and address to the Rector Community Center Highway 49, Rector, AR 72461 or email