Rector Volunteer Fire Department

Like many small towns throughout this country, Rector’s fire department is manned entirely by volunteers. These volunteers have regular jobs, families, they coach little league teams and volunteer for a host of other community events, but when the radio crackles to life, they immediately transform into firefighters.

They drop what they’re doing, grab their turnouts, jump into a pickup and speed off to wherever they are needed.

Like all other firefighters they do a lot more than knock down flames. They can cut you out of a crumpled car or pick you up when you’ve fallen. Working with Rector Police Department and the AMMC Ambulance crews and county Sheriffs, they are part of a large safety net for our community.

tanker/pumper 501

2007 Rosenbauer tanker/pumper
with an 1800 gallon


Pumper Truck 503

1995 E-One Commercial Crew cab pumper
with a 1000 gallon capacity


Jaws of Life

Jaws of Life was purchased with funds raised
by the Women’s Auxiliary and
the Woman’s Club of Rector.


Leather Helmet with accessories

State of the art leather helmets along with high tech breathing apparatus and fire proof turnouts are important pieces of the firefighter’s working uniform.

Station #2

We have a second station located on Dodd Street to insure that Rector Volunteer Fire Department has access to all areas of the city of Rector at all times.


Osage Service Unit 504

A 2001 Ford Osage Ambulance was converted
to a service unit


Pickup brush unit 506

1985 Chevrolet 1 ton Brush
Truck with a 300
gallon capacity


60 KW generator

New Generator received from the Forestry Service

Pumper Truck 502

A 1995 E-ONE Commercial
Cab Pumper with a 1000
gallon capacity.


Rescue Unit 505

A 2007 GMC 2500
rescue unit


mule brush unit 507

Kawasaki Mule Brush Unit
with a 50 Gallon



For Kawasaki brush Unit 507